Global Mission

Global Works Mission Policy

Our Global Mission Focus

Duke Street is committed to both local and global mission. Our goal in global missions is the proclaiming of the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to all the nations.
All Christians have been called out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light and are to proclaim the Excellencies of Christ wherever they are. Though some Christians are called to missions where they are, others are called to go to places the church has not yet, or has only just, reached. This is the calling of missionaries.
Missions are at the heart of God’s work, forming a single people, nation, and priesthood, called from all the nations and peoples of the earth. This work is achieved through some who stay, send and support, and others who go. Though it is men who send, missionaries are not made by men or churches, they are are called specially by God and they remain co-workers, with the same end as those who stay.

Your Place in God’s Mission

Whether you are sensing God’s call to serve Him overseas, or to serve here and support those who go, the Global Mission Core Group exists to help you. They are tasked with helping you identify where you are called to do missions and, if this is overseas, to support and promote your work.

Our Nurture of Missionary Candidates

We believe it is the local church’s responsibility to recruit, equip, and confirm those seeking to be sent out from us as missionaries.

Our Global Mission Partners

Global Mission Partners are members of Duke Street who have been called to be Missionaries, who have already been sent, are who are being supported by the Global Mission Core Group.
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