Care Team


We all have times in our lives when we need a bit of extra support, more than our friends and family can give us.  In a big church like Duke Street it can be difficult to know where to go to get that extra care and support.

The Care Team is a group of volunteers who help to care for the church family in all sorts of ways.  They are happy to help with visiting people who are lonely or unwell, shopping, transport, DIY and other things.  They also provide help in a few specialist areas: new parents and babies, listening, and bereavement help.  They are not there to take the place of social services or professional health care workers who are necessary for long term needs, but exist to care for the church family just like any family would.


I’m going to hospital but my family live a long way away. Is there anyone who might visit me?  The Care Team have volunteers who will visit all the local hospitals.  If you belong to a Fellowship Group, you could ask any of them.

I’ve got a bad week coming up and am worried about my sister who needs surgery. Who can I ask for prayer?  The After Service Prayer Team or the Prayer Chain.  If you belong to a Fellowship Group, you could ask them to pray.

I’ve just lost my job and feel bored and lonely. I also find it difficult to get to know people.  What might help me?  The weekly news sheet is full of opportunities to get involved at Duke Street and get to know others in the church.

I can’t drive anymore but would still like to come to church. Can anyone give me a lift?  The Care Team help organise lifts.  They are more likely to be able to do this in the local area.

Something said in the sermon made me realise I need God’s help.  Will someone pray with me?  Ask whoever is on duty from the after service Prayer Team at the end of the service.

My friend is depressed and needs counseling.  Can you arrange this? Although we can suggest Christian counseling services, we can’t offer it ourselves. The Care Team can point you to people we have recommended in the past.

Can you help with practical things like shopping and changing light bulbs? The Care Team can help with some practical tasks, mainly for our older and less agile members.

I’m having my first baby and am anxious about coping.  Any suggestions?  The Care Team have volunteers who are experienced in this area.  You may like to join the mums, babies & toddler groups (MOPs, Little Laughs, Mum’s the Word Bible Study) with your baby to meet other mums in similar situations.