Equipping Courses

Evangelism in the Early Church.  (Speaker:  Stuart Cashman)

In the first 300 years of the church’s life the number of people who followed Jesus increased from 11 doubting disciples in Judea (Matt 26:16-17) to millions of followers from many different cultures spread across Europe, Asia and Africa. In that time, despite religious pluralism, persecution, oppression, and many cultural and social barriers, God grew his church. This seminar will tell the story of the expansion of Christianity in the early days and look at the lessons we can learn for our own day.

The seminar can be heard online here.


Evangelism and Social Action. (Speaker: Jack O’Grady)

Some Christians believe that evangelism and social action are a ‘match made in heaven’ whilst others have thought that ‘never the twain should meet’. This session will examine this topic and ask what it means for us to be part of God’s mission here in London.

The seminar can be heard online here.