Our History

Duke Street Church has been a Bible-driven Church in the heart of Richmond-upon-Thames for nearly one hundred and fifty years. It was originally founded by Frederick Brotherton Meyer, an assistant to the famous Baptist minister, CH Spurgeon. FB Meyer was strong on two points: there had to be a baptistry and there had to be independence of mind in every church he founded. These characteristics are still in evidence today, following a succession of outstanding Bible teachers.

The first building on the site was erected in 1881. It was an octagonal-shaped stone building and recent building work has revealed that the original foundations are still in place today. This building lasted 81 years until it became necessary to accommodate an ever-growing congregation in new larger premises.

The old building was demolished, and in 1962 a new large Auditorium, able to seat over 600 people was opened.

Princes Hall, a Victorian dance hall between the church and Richmond Theatre, was bought by the church and became part of an enlarged multi-use premises. It had formerly been a stabling area for horses of the Household Cavalry connected to nearby barracks. Princes Hall was demolished and replaced with new meeting rooms, offices, a modern café area and kitchen, as part of a further multi-million-pound redevelopment project completed in 2010.

Despite our one-hundred-and-fifty-year history, we do not live in the past. We’re thankful for it, but we’re people of the present, looking to the future and to what God has for us as we seek to serve His purpose in our generation.