Our Mission, Strategy & Values

Our Mission is to glorify God by making disciples from all nations. We have a Strategy to achieve this Mission. We call it our Reach-Build-Send strategy.

  • We will reach out with the message to those who have not yet heard or understood the great news of rescue through the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We will build up believers in their life of trusting and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We will send out people who will take the message of this great news to London and to the ends of the earth

We have six Values. Although we often get many things wrong as a Church, our values are all about how we want to live, with God’s help, as we seek to implement our Mission.

  1. We want to be Prayerful, consciously dependent on God in everything
  2. We will be Bible-driven, directed and empowered by God’s authoritative, living and life-giving Word
  3. We want to be Growing more like Jesus. That means that as individuals, we’re growing in likeness to the character of our Lord Jesus Christ
  4. We aim to be Loving and Generous. We show we’re true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ by our genuine concern for the welfare of one another, regardless of race, age, stage of life or anything else; giving ourselves, our money and our people in the service of the Church and the spread of the Gospel
  5. We want to be Passionate to share Good News. Motivated by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we have each been shown, we’re confident in the truth and power of the message of the great news of rescue through the Lord Jesus Christ, and always ready to share the reason for our hope
  6. We are Looking to the Future. We are thankful for the past, but want to live in the present, always looking to the future and what God has for us as we seek to serve His purpose in our generation

We also have a set of Distinctives, which we share with people who are considering applying for church membership, to help them better understand our outlook on some key issues, our theological stances, as well as some key practices.

If you would like any more information, please contact the Church Office here.