What’s the best news you’ve ever heard?

Many of us wouldn’t associate Christianity with good news. We might imagine dull school assemblies or ancient architecture. But the Bible says that the news of the coming of the Lord Jesus into the world is the best news we will ever hear.

We would love to help you to explore this great news for yourself.

You may want to explore on your own, though many have found it helpful to explore with a friend, or as part of a group.

Here you’ll find a simple introduction to Jesus; who he was, why he came and why it matters for us today. You’ll also find brief answers to some tough questions and some personal stories of people exploring Christianity, just like you. Have a browse!”
'The Word 121’ is a contemporary version of John’s eyewitness account of the life of Jesus. Each page comprises a paragraph of what John said, alongside some simple explanatory notes to explore his meaning. Have a look, and if you’re interested, why not ask a Christian friend to look at it with you? It’s all free...

“Uncover’ takes the gospels of Mark, Luke & John, selects highlights from their accounts of Jesus’ life, and provides questions to help you to explore its significance. Each presents Jesus with a unique perspective. Why not choose one, and ask a Christian friend to read it with you? It’s all free.”

If you’d like to look through either ‘The Word 121’ or ‘Uncover’ with someone from the church, just email tellmemore@dukestreetchurch.com and we’ll find you a study partner.


'Christianity Explored is a fantastically clear and accessible course designed to help you to explore and understand the significance of Jesus for today. Here at Duke Street we’re hosting the course for free, beginning at 8pm on April 27th, via Zoom.

For information or to register interest, please contact: