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Prayer Chain

Have you thought of joining the Prayer Chain? 

Would you like to pray for people at Duke Street when they have specific needs? Why not ask to join? It’s not actually a chain; here’s how it works: 

So what’s the point of the Prayer Chain? 

To pray for each other when there are personal prayer requests.


Do I have to be a member of Duke Street to be a member of the Prayer Chain? 

No. But members of the Prayer Chain do need to be regular attenders at Duke Street. Because of the confidentiality aspect, it’s for people who are within the fellowship who want to commit to praying for others in need. 

Who runs it? 

Jean Taylor currently organises the Prayer Chain; she receives the requests and sends them out by email. 

If I’d like people to pray for me about something specific and urgent, what should I do? 

Email, giving her the details of what you’d like prayer for, in as concise a way as you can. If it’s very urgent, please ring the Church office. 

What happens then? 

Jean will forward your request to the members of the Prayer Chain who will then pray for you. This can take up to 24 hours. If Jean has any questions about a prayer request, she refers it to the Senior Minister. 

Is it confidential? 

Prayer requests are to be kept confidential within the prayer chain members. Please bear in mind that requests are normally sent out in the same format as they are received, so where possible first please ask permission if you mention people other than yourself and use initials to preserve confidentiality. 

Is prayer available to Church Members only? 

No. Anyone currently in the church fellowship can ask the Prayer Chain to pray for them. It is however for the prayer needs of people within the church family. 

What kinds of prayer needs? 

The Prayer Chain is not just for health needs but, more importantly, for spiritual needs too. For example: maybe you’re about to ask someone to go to Christianity Explored with you and you’d like prayer for that. All kinds of prayer needs can be shared. 

If I join the Prayer Chain, what will I need to do? 

You would need to commit to pray for the people who have asked for prayer and to respect their confidentiality. It’s a privilege to support each other in prayer. 

How many times do I need to pray? 

This is up to you. You may feel you should pray once, or over a longer period of time. 

Do we hear how prayers were answered? 

Sometimes. It’s always encouraging to hear how God has answered our prayers. But there’s no obligation for people who ask us to pray to let us know the outcome. 

Philippians 4 v6 says “Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” 

If you’d like to join the Prayer Chain, or have any questions about it, please email 

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